Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Funicide for carrots



The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of a minor use label expansion for RANMAN 400 SC FUNGICIDE for suppression of root dieback, forking and cavity spot caused by Pythium spp. on carrots in Canada. RANMAN 400 SC FUNGICIDE, a relatively new product in Canada, was already labelled for management of late blight on potatoes and downy mildew of field cucurbits. This is the 2nd minor use registration of RANMAN on a crop grown in Canada.

This registration will provide carrot growers with a much needed disease management tool to help manage one of their most challenging disease problems. Root dieback, forking and cavity spot have been a minor use priority for carrot producers for many years in both Canada and the USA. In 2003/2004 this minor use project was jointly initiated by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Pest Management Centre (AAFC-PMC) Minor Use Pesticide Program and the US IR-4 minor use program.

This label expansion, achieved through the User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion (URMULE) process of PMRA, was jointly sponsored by AAFC-PMC and US IR-4 in response to minor use priorities established by carrot producers, processors, extension personnel and researchers in Canada and the USA.

The sponsors wish to thank the personnel of ISK Biosciences Corporation and UAP Canada Inc. for their support of this registration.

For copies of the new minor use label contact:
Mohammed Akalach at the Pest Management Centre. Email: akalacham@agr.gc.ca Telephone: 613-694-2591
Shirley Archambault at the Pest Management Centre. Email: archambaultsh@agr.gc.ca
Telephone: 613-759-7714
Jim Chaput, OMAFRA in Guelph. Email: jim.chaput@ontario.ca
Telephone: 519-826-3539


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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Latest Pest Management Information

The Pest Management Centre at Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has new information available on its website. Visit the PMC Website or click on the hyperlinks below for the latest pest management information.

The 2008 MU Crop / Pest Problems and Selected National Priorities under the Minor Use Pesticide Program page

Status of All Minor Use Pesticides Projects sorted by crop has been updated

A number of new documents are available under PMC homepage > Publications and Document Archive:
Soybean aphid cards – a new tool for growers

European core borer crusher - a mechanical device for controlling European core borer in potatoes

Apple Scab: Improving Understanding for Better Management (scroll down to the author ‘Carisse’ to view)

Identification Guide to the Major Diseases of Grapes (scroll down to the author ‘Carisse’ to view)

The following project pages under Pesticide Risk Reduction Program > Implementation projects have been updated with the final results:

PRR03-070 Operational implementation of weed biocontrol to reduce risks from herbicides

PRR03-250 Mechanical weed control in pulse crops

MU03-Path01 Effect of a biological control fungicide agent (Pseudomonas syringae) and a chemical fungicide SCALA (pyrimethanil) on post harvest blue and gray mold of apple

MU03-Path04 Microbial biocontrol for foliar blight (Monilinia and Botrytis) of lowbush blueberry and fruit rot (Phomopsis and Fusicoccum) of cranberry

BPI06-020 Implementing a biological control agent as a pest management tool against leaf blight of onion

BPI06-030 Implementation of a new biofungicide to reduce apple scab inoculum, opening the way to the use of newly developed tools

BPI 06-090 Development and evaluation of Paenibacillus polymyxa PKPB1 as a biofungicide for greenhouse cucumbers and peppers

BPI 06-120 Essential oils formulations for the control of mites, insects, and diseases on greenhouse ornamental and vegetable crops

The 2008 implementation projects are now listed with the title and crop.

SCR08-030 Evaluation of pest control products including biofungicides for control of clubroot on Canola and Cruciferous Vegetables